Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thing 24: I'm BACK!!

Here are some lovely anime avatars of me and Ryan. Don't we look good? Ryan is much tougher looking in real life...also our heads don't take up fifty percent of our body weight...other than that they are pretty darn accurate!

How much have you blogged since you finished the 23 Things On a Stick? Oh...as you can see, virtually none at all. I'm more of a facebook/twitter user these days. I liked looking back on my old posts where I thought Myspace was the cat's meow. I no longer use it at all!

What do you like about blogging? Ummm...prizes? I like finding silly online games and tools. Like gaiaonline.com. It was suggested in the "avatar" comments and I have wasted quite a bit of my free time on it since.

Have you found other blogs to read? I still read "Passive Aggressive Notes" and "Postsecret" pretty frequently. The Huffington Post is a good one too. There are some really great SF reader's blogs too.

Do you comment on others' blogs? Sometimes, mostly if I'm $%#*! off.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thing 23

Hey! I did it! I sent in my evaluation and I am graciously awaiting my fabulous prize. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.

I look forward to seeing more advanced versions of the "23 Things" in the future. My suggestions were for information regarding widgits and more/better online games.

I also look forward to more prizes.

Seriously though, its really important for librarians to feel comfortable navigating these tools, even if they don't use them personally. Our job is still the same, we help people access information. As long as information remains fluid, flexible and growing...then we have to as well. Old school vs. New school should come to an end, we're all in school together. Word.

Thanks for the opportunity to learn cool stuff and make cool things! (I also enjoy the bragging rights of finishing on time. GO ME!)

Thing 22

No problem. I'm in it to win it. I'm marring a techie this summer who must have and inform on the newest-latest-greatest. But I'm no slouch myself! And just to let you know I'm serious, I added all those really great Blog links from the 22 prompt to my very own blog! That way I can connect from here, "Things" or no.

I also added some links that have nothing to do with libraries, and everything to do with wasting time. So sue me.

I'll try to keep Jessi's-Log going, but I may regress to making silly photo montages for a while. There might be a rash of Wedding shots as well. (I'm not above it, I get to be wedding crazy for at least 6 more months.) But for now, I'll use it as a hub of operations...Heck! I could even link to my Myspace and Facebook profiles from here.

Officially, I'm plugged in...and I'm feelin' the need for feed.

Thing 21

As I mentioned in Thing 20, I don't have any personal need for social networking sites other than Facebook and Myspace. The folks I'm looking for are all on Myspace, except for the few Facebook exceptions.

That isn't to say that I can't see the value in other sites. For instance, some sites are for people who want to connect on specific subjects (like knitting, or people who have newly moved to a city) or careers (like Dentists or Elvis Impersonators.) Also, some people want to connect for different reasons. (Dating, the opportunity to hang out in real life etc.)

I'm pretty happy with my current site, though, and don't see myself maintaining any more in the future.

Thing 20

I am a long time member of both Facebook and Myspace. I started my Myspace page during my stint playing Rollerderby as a Minnesota Rollergirl. It gets more action than my Facebook account, which is more geared to my work/school and friends who have rejected the "Myspace culture."

Its true, that Myspace is a bit sleazier, but I don't mind it now that I've changed my profile settings for greater privacy. The great thing about Myspace is that I am almost guaranteed to find the person I'm looking for...including long-lost kindergarten friends and high school enemies. (I love to see former teen "mean girls" relegated to over-worked, divorced mom-hood...Okay, okay, so maybe I'm the "mean-girl" now, but STILL...) Mostly, I use Myspace for social announcements, planning and catching up.

Facebook is a lot less useful to me, because most of my peeps don't use it. (Although there is a growing number of contributors.) It has some other things going for it though. My Facebook account has silly questionnaires and applications that are pretty fun. For instance, I have a virtual zombie I can attack other Facebook friends with. Myspace doesn't have the same kind of innocent sense of play. None of my old nemesis seem to have caught onto this though, so I can't spy on them there.

In short, both sites are good. I would be loathe to start any other social networking accounts, because they seem to only be useful if they are popularly attended. It's about connecting, and if no one you want to connect with is signed up, then you are out of luck!

Thing 19

Well, I doubt I'll ever become a podcaster. My talents lie elsewhere. But I certainly enjoy subscribing to them. My family likes to update our regular podcasts through RSS feeds. Our favorites include: Grammar Girl (for kicks,) Coffee Break Spanish (for growth,) Savage Love (for shock value,) One up Show (for video games,) and NYC Radio Lab (for the very best of the best.)

I really, HIGHLY recommend the NYC Radio Labs, the subjects are always fascinating, and the content is always amazing. I often laugh and cry, right out loud.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Thing 18

Why I like You Tube:

Hilarious, completely innovative, new, and great video for entertainment and information. Anyone with video creating capabilities can create something, and find an audience for it. Cool.

What bothers me a little:

Even though the rules state it clearly, the only one making money from You Tube, is You Tube. This creates problem's for people whose ideas and creations are usurped by others. I'm pretty sure the "Chocolate Rain" guy is not making a dime off of his hit song. Thank God for Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper... at least now he has "Cherry Chocolate Rain" money coming in.